December – Lynda’s Latest

December is generally a month off for outdoor gardening, unless you didn’t finish your fall clean up.

If you are planning on purchasing a live balled and burlap Christmas tree, dig the hole early in the month, before the ground freezes. Place the soil you remove from the hole in containers and store in the garage or somewhere it will not freeze. If you don’t have a soil amendment ( i.e. compost, potting soil, peat, cow manure) purchase it now so you have it handy to mix with your Pennsylvania clay when you are ready to plant the tree.

When using a balled tree, it is best to limit the time in the house to no more than one week. Place it in a large, waterproof tub and keep the entire ball evenly moist by watering it frequently.

After Christmas, you want to plant the tree ASAP! Make sure the prepared hole is twice the size of the ball; mix the soil amendment with the soil; place a couple of inches of loose soil in the bottom of the hole; place the tree in the hole; cut the rope away from the burlap, but do NOT remove the burlap; work your soil mix around the ball; water well.



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