Frost Blanket

DeWitt® N-Sulate™
Frost Protection Blanket
$24.99 – 10′ x 12′  Package


A 1.5oz, medium weight, permeable, UV-treated fabric designed to protect plants and trees from the severe cold and freezing temperatures. This fabric installs easily and is reusable.

April weather in PA presents a challenge.  If the temperature goes below 40 degrees,  our garden center staff covers everything except our evergreens with fabric frost blankets.
Frost can damage tender new growth and flowers on plants that are breaking dormancy.  Frost will not kill your perennial plants, shrubs and trees but you may lose your flowers (and will have no fruit on your fruit trees).  Leaves may have unsightly burn spots for the remainder of the season.

NEVER cover with plastic.  Your plants will freeze right through it!  If it is raining the day before a frost or freeze, you may cover with plastic OVER the fabric cloth in order to keep the fabric dry.  Do not let the plastic touch any part of the plant itself.  Country Farms has fabric frost blankets available for purchase to protect your plant investment.

Here’s looking forward to a frost-free May!

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