Extend your Outdoor Living Season with a Fire Pit or Fireplace

With all the sizes and styles available in our selection of fire pits, you can be assured you will find the perfect accent for any outdoor project. Do It Yourself or rely on Country Farms to professionally install.

Rosetta Belvedere

The Belvedere Fire Pit creates a rustic sophistication all its own.

It has a diameter of approximately five feet and a height of fourteen inches, the proportions of the fire pit creates a perfect focal point for any occasion.

The Belvedere Fire Pit blends seamlessly with the entire collection of Rosetta paver and wall lines.

Castlerok Fire Pit Kit

Castlerok block are small, lightweight and designed for function. They are ideal for creating fire pits, tree rings, fountains and small walls. The Castlerok Installation Guide can help you design and build your perfect fire pit.

Fire Pit Installation Greensburg PA

Edington Fire Pit Kit

Edington block are another great option for creating a fire pit. The Edington Fire Pit Installation Guide can help you build it yourself!



Country Farms offers a variety of fireplaces to enhance your outdoor living areas.

We will help you create the perfect atmosphere with our professional installation.

Pizza Oven

Take your outdoor entertaining to the next level and enjoy a delicious pizza on your outdoor wood fired pizza oven in minutes. Available as a DIY Oven Kit or as a pre-constructed completed oven.