Enjoy the soothing sound of bubbling water with a fountain.  Country Farms has a wide variety for you to choose your favorite style!
Whether it’s a small fountain to accent your landscape or a huge eye-catching showpiece, we have just what you need.

We carry Massarelli Garden Accents, and Henri Studio products.

What’s your favorite style?

Traditional style tiered fountain with a pool at the bottomThis Traditional Tiered Fountain is perfect for your patio


Tiered Fountains are traditional and
are available with or without a pool at the bottom.


simple traditional style fountain with two tiers



 Contemporary Fountains offer a unique way to reflect your personal style.Decorative contemporary fountain will delight you and your friends.Contemporary fountain where water flows quietly


       Contemporary square fountain with pool at the bottom


A wall fountain is useful against a wall or divider

Wall Fountain with a light is perfect for a patio



Wall Fountains are perfect against an exterior wall
  or where space is limited.