A Perennial is what we think of as a soft tissue plant or flower without the twiggy appearance of bark.”Perennial” simply means life through 2 or more years.  Since it is a “softer” plant, it will “die back” prior to our winter when our first freeze occurs and return the next spring.  Country Farms carries the newest and coolest perennials available today plus the tried and true perennials that are sure to please.

Perennials in Greensburg & Latrobe

Pennsylvania has many Native perennials such as Asclepias tuberosa aka. Butterfly Weed.  Some native plants have been bred into new hybrids that make up our perennial selection today.  Did you know there are over 20,000 daylilies?  Every year new varieties are created and we intend to carry many of those, plus natives and all of your favorites.

Some plants may be a perennial in a warmer climate but too temperature sensitive to survive our winter.  We call those “annuals” for this area.

How do we keep perennials healthy?  We supply Products for controlling weeds, such as Pre-emergents and Mulch.  We carry Fertilizers such as Osmocote, Miracle Gro, and Espoma for those who prefer organic gardening.  We maintain an abundance of Soils, bagged and bulk.  For your Watering needs, check out our new Pocket Hose.

Would you like us to design and/or install your perennials?  Just get a quote from our design specialists.  Our Garden Center Manager and Staff are educated in the field of Horticulture and can answer all of your gardening questions.

When is the best time to plant perennials?  Anytime the ground is not frozen. We make certain to have our selections hardened off and ready to be planted outdoors as soon as Spring arrives.   Don’t forget they will multiply and return the following year with an abundance of beauty.