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Happy New Year 2020! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week with friends and family!

We had a warm(ish) week between Christmas & New Year’s so you should have planted your balled and burlap Christmas tree. If you have not, and need instructions, please see my December blog.

Now that all of the Christmas decorations are packed away for another year, and we cleaned up the “wreckage” our families left behind, the house looks a little empty. January is a good time to concentrate on our houseplants. House plants clean the air and give us extra oxygen while our homes are closed up for the winter. Many of us received dish gardens for gifts over the holidays. If there are lots of tropical plants crowded into a small container, it is best to take it apart and plant them individually. Country Farms is open 8 am – 4 pm, Monday-Friday for potting soil and pots, for all of your interior plant needs. If you have any houseplants that are outgrowing their containers you can re-pot them as well. Be sure to select a pot which is no more than 2 inches larger than the root ball of the plant (i.e. if the existing pot is 6 inches in diameter, move to 8 inch pot). Over potting will result in root rot because the excess soil holds more water than the plant can use.

Trim away any ugly leaves and cut back any leggy plants so they branch out and look fuller. Take the plants to the laundry tub and give them a warm, not hot or cold, shower to wash off the dust, wipe with a soft cloth and when dry, move near a window so the plant can enjoy the winter sunshine.

Houseplants generally need less water and fertilizer in the winter so be sure not to over water. Check the soil dampness with a moisture meter or by digging your finger into the soil 2 inches down in the pot. The top of the soil may be dry with it being wet underneath.

Now, sit down, light a fire, and enjoy a restful January.


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