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June 2020 – Pfew! What a May!

Covid-19, snow for Mother’s Day, a 25 degree night, 90 degree days..
Now it’s June. Time to maintain what you planted and fill in any bare spots.

We have had very little rain in May and the beginning of June…only one soaking 4 hour rain. Make sure all of your newly planted plants, trees, and shrubs are watered well. All plants, including established plants, need at least 1 inch of rain each week. We only had 1 inch of rain at the end of May. Water in the early morning, before 11 AM or late afternoon, after 4 PM, and try to keep the leaves dry to prevent foliar diseases.

Keep any eye out for disease and insect problems. We have had mild winters, so insects do not die, and lots of humidity, which is perfect for foliar disease. Country Farms has organic and inorganic sprays to help prevent and cure these problems.

Dead head any flowering plants and trim off any brown or yellowing leaves. If you intended to prune any spring flowering shrubs (i.e. azaleas or rhododendrons) do it now. If you prune later in the summer you will not have flowers next year.

June is a great time to plant your trees, shrubs, and perennials to fill any bare spots. Country Farms receives a truck of new plant material every week or so, all season long.

Finally, weed, weed, weed! Unfortunately, the weeds seem to grow no matter what the weather. If you keep after them and pull them before they flower and go to seed, you will have a lot less to pull for the rest of summer!

Happy Gardening!



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