January-February Lynda’s Latest

January and February are garden planning months.

On nice sunny days, shed your mask, go out in the yard, and breathe the fresh air. We all have cabin fever from COVID and winter weather – so just breathe and count your blessings. Take a look around –
*Pull some weeds that grew over winter.
*Rake the leaves that have blown in.
*Trim any broken branches from wind or snow.
*Make a list of perennials that need to be divided or moved in the spring; holes that need filled; things you want to change.
*Check for deer, rabbit, or rodent damage and spray repellant, if necessary.

On cold snowy days –
*Browse through garden magazines and catalogs, jotting down notes on things you’d like to try in the spring.
*Give your houseplants a spa day with a trim and shower off the dust.
*Start cuttings of your vining plants that have become leggy (i.e. philodendron, pothos, ivy).

Gardening and garden planning are stress free and stress relieving activities so relax! Spring is on it’s way!

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