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May 2020 – It’s planting time!

But, beware of Mother Nature. The old time farmers say the last frost is usually on the night of the full moon in May which is Thursday, May 7th, this year.  But…. It looks like we are going to have cold night time temperatures from May 4th – May 12th & possibly beyond.

I like to buy my plants early, before Mother’s Day, in order to get the best selection. But, I move them in and out of the garage for a week or so before I plant them.  If you are going to plant early, keep an eye on the forecast!  If the temperature is predicted to go below 45 degrees, you want to cover the plants with CLOTH sheets or light weight blankets.  NEVER USE PLASTIC! The frost will burn right through it.

Gardening is the #1 stress reliever and we have all been cooped up entirely too long with Covid-19.  Country Farms is OPEN with our greenhouse and shrub & tree beds full with gorgeous plants for your enjoyment!  We are following all of the CDC safety requirements for sanitizing and social distancing.  All employees and customers are required to wear masks, so grab your mask & come see us!

Author Margaret Atwood said, and I love it…… “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”




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