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March 2021


Time to think Spring!

We didn’t get any of our early gardening chores done in February because all we did was shovel snow! Hopefully we are done with that and we can get out in the yard to pick up leaves, weed, and trim back any plants that browned over winter. Wait until the end of the month, when you see buds breaking, to trim your roses back. Do not trim any spring flowering shrubs until they are done blooming or you won’t have any blooms. Apply fertilizer and weed preventer to existing shrubs, trees, and perennial flowers so it is there when the plants start actively growing. Make sure you do not apply weed preventer or crabgrass control to anywhere you plan to sow grass, vegetable, or flower seed. If you have any gardening questions, feel free to give me a call at 724-837-4650.

Here at Country Farms, we are busy preparing for all of your spring gardening needs. Trees, shrubs, and perennials start arriving in mid April and annuals & tropical plants arrive at the end of April, early May. We have all of your organic and inorganic soils, fertilizers, and sprays. We have a great selection of pottery, garden statues, and fountains. We also have gift certificates for Easter, spring birthdays, and retirement gifts.

Watch for our spring inventory lists here.

See you soon!

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