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August 2021


Summer is a fine time to plant potted or balled and burlapped perennials, shrubs and trees. Make sure you follow the usual planting “rules”. Dig the hole twice the size of the pot and a few inches deeper. Mix the existing soil with a soil conditioner, such as bagged topsoil, cow manure or compost. We always recommend using Biotone as an organic root stimulation fertilizer mixed in with the soil. Put a couple inches of the prepared soil in the bottom of the hole, place the new plant in and work the prepared soil around the ball of the plant. Make sure the soil level is the same as it was in the pot. Do not plant it deeper. Water slowly and well, making sure the entire ball, the surrounding loose soil and the hard soil around it are wet. Water new plants deeply, every other day if they are planted in sun…twice a week in a shaded area.

Summer gardening tips:
– Water well!!! Even plants that have been in the ground for years need a good soaking once a week. Water in the early morning or early evening, keeping water OFF the leaves. Wet leaves encourage foliar diseases.

– The best time to weed is when the soil is damp, so pull them after watering or after a rain.

– Dead head, trim and shape your shrubs and perennials once a week to keep them looking fresh.

– Take your morning coffee outside and look for insect or disease damage. It is better to catch things early in order to control them.

– Wait until later September or early October, when it is cooler, to move shrubs or divide perennials.

See you soon!

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