Landscape Lighting

The impact and beauty of landscape lighting is often overlooked and underestimated.  Our landscape installations offer make huge improvements in the beauty and value of our customers’ homes…why not show that landscape off after dark?

Landscape lighting is so much more than just illumination.  Using simple design techniques and professional grade fixtures and components, light will not only shine in your shrub beds, it will interact with your entire landscape, dancing off the leaves of a well-placed perennial, or shimmering high above an ornamental tree.  Properly used, landscape lighting can offer security, beauty, and value to any outdoor application.

Many of our projects involve outdoor living spaces that include grills and kitchens, bars, fireplaces, and recreational areas.  In order to get the most from these projects, the simple addition of landscape lighting extends and accentuates these living spaces, allowing our customers to enjoy them day or night.  These low voltage systems require very little energy, especially with the advent of new LED technology.

Installation costs of landscape lighting can be significantly lower when coupled with existing projects.  If  having an outdoor kitchen installed and you think you might be interested in landscape lighting in the future, you should seriously consider having the lighting installed while the project is being installed to reduce retro-fitting later on.  It is another custom-built touch that Country Farms can offer for any project, big or small, new or old.

With an emphasis on the quality of the fixtures and components themselves, our landscape lighting systems offer value and integrity that cannot be found in the big box stores.  Be sure to let our sales team know that you would like to consider adding landscape lighting to your new project, or Country Farms can provide the materials and know-how for you to install these systems on your own.  Most average-sized properties can be completed within one day. Check out our available product at Integral Lighting.