Paving Stones

Whether you’re creating a walkway, driveway, patio or garden path, our paving stones provide a “Wow!” factor that add an extra layer of beauty to residential or commercial designs.  Paving stones are interlocking, high-strength, low maintenance concrete pavers that make an excellent choice for driveway and patio installations.

From humble beginnings, Country Farms began installing paver patios and driveways over 38 years ago.  With advances in paving stone styles and choices, Country Farms has evolved into one of the area’s largest distributors and installers of concrete paving stones.

Our selection of paver products are durable and suited for the Western PA climate where weather is temperamental and freeze/thaw conditions prevail.   Using pavers in your landscaping design allows you to:

  • Create intricate circle designs
  • Create serpentine patterns
  • Work with flowing curves
  • Decide on straight or random patterns
  • Add a touch of classic beauty to any outdoor experience

Paving Stone Options

The choices are almost endless with the varying sizes, patterns, textures, colors and materials and so are the colors.  Paving stones can be easy to install and handle.  A traditional look, the look of stone or even contemporary choices are all available.

Paving stones can be used for any hard surface application like driveways, patios, walkways, courtyards, edging, decorative inserts in wall applications, engraved for fund-raising, etc..

Most of the paver choices Country Farms carry are made from durable, 8000 psi concrete, but we also have clay pavers and pavers made from natural stone like Travertine.  Come and stroll through our many patio and walk displays to help get you started.

Browse the paver styles by R. I. Lampus Co., Oberfields, Cambridge and Uni-lock which offer a wide selection color, texture and size options, sure to suit your needs.

Trust our years of experience in working with the best pavers the industry has to offer.  Installing paving stones is not a complicated process; the success and durability of your driveway or patio rely on the application process itself, and the techniques and materials used by the craftsmen on the job.  Let our experience help you along every step of the way, and find out today about the benefits and advantages of working with our many paving stone options.

All the help you need


Country Farms also has all the complimentary products and tools you will need to  complete your project.  Gravel, sand, polymer sand, topsoil and more are all available and can be delivered when you need it. We have full-time designers with decades of  experience to help you create your dream.  We have an experienced staff to walk you through a do-it-yourself project or we have our own installers to do it for you.