Ponds & Waterfalls

Landscaping Waterfall in Westmoreland CountyImagine sitting back on your porch with a tall glass of your favorite summertime beverage, being soothed and comforted by the soft trickle of flowing water from your own backyard oasis.  Dip your toes into the cool water, or watch as the engaging, colorful fish dance in the dark, cool summer waters of your very own Kio pond.

Pondless Waterfalls & Water Landscaping

While a garden pond or pond waterfall can be stunning, each year we see the increasing popularity of pondless waterfalls.  A pondless waterfall is simply a backyard waterfall where the running water vanishes into a basin of stonework, then to be pumped back to the head of the waterfall.  All the beauty and comforting sound of a waterfall is present, but without the maintenance concerns of a pond.  The low maintenance and exquisite beauty of these waterfalls makes them a continuing favorite, year after year.

Most of our ponds and waterfall features are custom designed and installed on-site.  Like Nature itself, no two are the same, and each has a life of its own.  Country Farms uses locally obtained natural materials and stones that reflect the beauty and feel the magnificent Laurel Highlands.  Or, if you prefer, let our creative designers incorporate stones and plant materials of a tropical paradise, taking you away to a favorite destination, right in your backyard!

Aquascape™ Systems at Country Farms

Aquascape™ is the leader in water gardens, ecosystem ponds, and backyard pond designs.  Because of their consistent quality, Country Farms stocks their products exclusively.  Through the years, we’ve found Aquascape™ offers the most innovative designs, best service, and top dependability which is why we trust their products and use them in our backyard water landscaping projects.