Lynda’s Latest

March – Time for spring clean up!


• Rake any leaves that have blown in over winter. Don’t forget to clean up the leaves that are trapped under your low growing shrubbery. My cotoneasters are leaf magnets!

• Cut back any perennials or ornamental grasses that browned out over winter, before the new growth starts.

• If you left the roots of annuals in the ground last fall, pull them now and shake off any excess soil. You lose less good topsoil when you do it in the spring, rather than fall.

• We had a mild winter and the weeds never stopped growing, so weed, weed, weed.

• If you like to use weed preventer, apply it now. Do not use it where you plan to seed grass, annuals, or vegetables. It will prevent those seed from germinating as well!

• Now is a good time to plant your grass seed in bare spots. If you have a lawn service that applies crabgrass preventer, you want the grass to be established beforehand. The crabgrass preventer will also prevent your grass seed from germinating.

• Fertilize everything – grass, perennials, trees, and shrubs. You want to have the fertilizer there when the plants break dormancy. Come see us for all of your fertilizer needs, organic or chemical.

• Prune any tree or shrub branches that were damaged by winter weather or animals.

• Edge all of your shrubbery and perennial beds. The ground is moist so the invading grass is easy to dig up. (Anyone want to volunteer to do mine? It is my least favorite gardening activity!)

• Plan what you are going to put in the bare spots, if you haven’t already. Country Farms will be loading up with trees and shrubs in April and annuals and tropicals in May.

• If you are preparing to plant new beds, come see us for all of your soil amendments such as cow or mushroom manure, topsoil, etc. Do not work wet soil! Wait until the soil is dry enough so a handful crumbs and you cannot make a ball.

• Most of all – Get outside and enjoy the sunny, breezy, warmish days of approaching spring.