Warranty and Care

Click on one of the images below to view our warranty specifications and care tips:

New Lawn Care Warranty

We use sod and seed that meets or exceeds nationally recognized specifications .  We cannot be responsible for weather conditions and maintenance practices that adversely affect the lawn.

  1. As a courtesy, we will provide free of charge, up to ten pounds of seed for problem spots caused by adverse weather and will be glad to advise you with respect to proper care.
  2. If immediate spot re-seeding fails, we will work with you to achieve satisfaction.  There will be a labor and material charge for re-seeding.
  3. No warranty on past-due accounts, or jobs that are not paid in full.

Manufacturer Warranties

Visit the links below to view the manufacturer warranty:

Keylink & Superior Plastic Warranties

If you have had a Keylink or Superior Plastic fence or railing installed, please visit the links below:

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