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Annuals are the most vibrant way to show off an entrance, add color to an ordinary vegetable garden, or use as temporary fillers to a newly planted landscape. Whether you have an area that is in full sun to dense shade, Country Farms has the best annuals to work in any environment. 

We offer a large variety of colorful annuals, hanging baskets, and decorative pots.
At peak season, you can also find at our garden center:

  • Succulents
  • Various Houseplants
  • Tropical Plants
  • Vegetable Plants


Perennials perennials

”Perennial” simply means life through 2 or more years.  Since it is a “softer” plant, it will “die back” prior to our winter when our first freeze occurs and return the next spring. Perennials provide color, typically are low maintenance and extend the flower season.

Pennsylvania has many native perennials such as Asclepias tuberosa aka. Butterfly Weed.  Some native plants have been bred into new hybrids that make up our perennial selection today. Every year new varieties are created and we intend to carry many of those, plus natives and all of your favorites.

When is the best time to plant perennials? Anytime the ground is not frozen. We make certain to have our selections hardened off and ready to be planted outdoors as soon as Spring arrives. Don’t forget they will multiply and return the following year with an abundance of beauty.



Trees & Shrubs

trees & shrubsTrees and shrubs are available for our customers in many varieties and sizes.  With plant material, you can increase the value of a property, create a natural privacy screen, and create curb appeal.

Our educated and friendly sales staff will help you choose the best tree or shrub to meet whatever need you may have. We will give the information you need to keep your plants growing healthy and strong, plus our plants are guaranteed to grow, giving you peace of mind.

Types of trees and shrubs you can find at Country Farms:

  • Flowering 
  • Dwarf 
  • Weeping 
  • Evergreen 
  • Fragrant 
  • Fruit bearing
  • Shade or sun loving

Garden Center

Country Farms stocks fresh product all season long, making sure you will be purchasing healthy and strong plants. We carry plants that are hardy for our region and new varieties that lower maintenance and enhance your property.

Maintain the health of your trees and shrubs with the right tools and supplies. Country Farms carries Miracle-Gro fertilizers and a variety of  mulches including rubber mulch. We carry stakes to support your new tree, hoses to supply water, pruning tools, cultivators and shovels.

When should you plant your tree or shrub?  The answer is when the ground is not frozen.  In Pennsylvania we prefer that you plant before December or after winter.  Take a little top soil home with you to help with the back-filling.  Water the day of planting and twice per week if it does not rain.


Request an estimate, availability, or delivery of your plant purchase.  A member of our staff will contact you with details.


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