3D & 2D Design Consultations

Designing an outdoor space with Country Farms is a personalized experience that utilizes our clients’ lifestyles and needs.

Our process begins with an onsite visit, we where listen and learn about your vision and goals. During this initial consultation, we will take detailed notes, measurements, and photos of the site. We then use this information to create your design of choice: 2D or 3D.

The result is an artistic and educated design using materials that are specifically suited to the micro-climate of your very own yard.

3D Renderings

3D renderings allow us to recreate your outdoor space while using various hardscape materials, plant materials, colors, and textures to help you visualize your project before a shovel even touches the ground.


2D Designs (Site Plan)

2D designs (site plans) may provide less detail than a 3D rendering, but these drawings can be just as effective to help you envision your project. They are typically to-scale and will give you a basic understanding of dimensions, placement, and layout of your design. 

Click on one of the thumbnails below to view a 2D example site plan:


Design fees will apply. For more information request a free estimate.

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