Garden Center

Country Farms Garden CenterThe Garden Center at Country Farms’ seeks to provide beautiful plants for new home owners as well as die-hard gardeners.  Country Farms’ nursery facilities have everything you need, including a wide selection of plant materials and gardening supplies, some of which you won’t find anywhere else.

Greenhouse & Nursery

We stock a large variety of  high-quality plants and shrubs grown regionally.  When visiting one of Country Farms’ greenhouses, you’ll find:

  • High quality annuals and perennials
  • Shrubs, trees, and ornamental trees
  • Flowering plants by Proven Winners®
  • Yearly favorites, such as the Knock Out® Rose and Trophytaker® Daylilies
  • Custom-designed hanging baskets, planters, and decorative pots
  • Natural and color enhanced bark mulch and rubber mulch
  • Top soil, ground cover, vining plants, and more!

We offer a wide variety of potting soil, fertilizers and pesticides including organic Fox Farm.

Our garden center products are available for both  residential and commercial delivery and installation.  View bulk delivery rates or Request a Quote.  


Decorative Touches for Your Garden

In addition to healthy, vibrant plants, our garden center features an extensive selection of decorative finishes and to make you landscaping beautiful.