When the Davis family started Country Farms in the early 80’s, one of the family’s specialties was new deck installations.  That tradition not only continues today, but those experiences have opened a wide new array of construction applications both indoor and outdoor.

Wood Pergola Patio

Whether your project calls for the rustic, rough-cut look of a rich, sturdy pergola, or the modern convenience of composite decking materials, Country Farms can design, install, and maintain a vast array of components and structures with quality and durability in mind.  Our crews have built additions, installed tiered decks and porches, custom built arbors and pergolas, and everything in between.

Do you have a wet yard, creating a concern in your basement or game room?  Perhaps an exterior French drain will help protect your home.  Country Farms has decades of experience in excavation and grading, concrete installations, and gutter and downspout tap-ins.  Consider our expertise when you think about your next construction project.

Patio Pergola